Closed Classes

Classes are closed to parents, family, and friends.  Classes held in Studio A at the Creative Arts Studios may be observed any time through the observation window.  Classes at the Creative Arts Studios will rotate between Studio A and Studio B on a weekly basis to assist with observation.  There is not an observation area for classes held in the dance studio at the Main Building.

All classes have a formal Observation Day on the last day of their class for the Summer and Fall sessions.  Students may invite up to five guests.  There is no Observation Day in Winter/Spring due to preparations for our annual Leaps & Bounds Dance Showcase.  If your child isn't participating in the Leaps & Bounds Dance Showcase and you wish to observe class, contact our Education Coordinator: dani@schauercenter.org | 262-670-0560 ext 6.

Student Placement

The Education Coordinator and the Instructors work with families to ensure students are placed in the appropriate class based on factors such as age, experience, skill level, ability to focus, and perceived interest.  As a general rule, all students remain at their current level until further notice.  Moving up on a yearly basis is NOT an automatic, and families should be prepared for students to take each level at least twice.

New students may be asked to meet with the instructor before the start of a session to help decide placement.  These meetings usually last less than 30 minutes and are scheduled by our Education Coordinator.  In some cases, new students may be asked to try the first day of class before a final decision is made.

While changing level mid-school year is not common, the Education Coordinator and the Instructors reserve the right to change the placement of a student based on their skill development, classroom demeanor, and attendance during the Fall Session.

Students receive a written evaluation at the end of every Fall and Winter/Spring Session. Evaluations include feedback on skill development, classroom demeanor, and readiness for the next level.  Please note that factors such as participation in summer classes, extended time away, injury, or the habit of changing dance styles on a regular basis may affect or change the instructor’s recommendation at any time.  Some instructors may choose to share evaluations and formal feedback more often than twice a year. In addition, parents are more than welcome to request feedback regarding their child(ren) at any time. 

Commitment, Participation & Attendance
Students are expected to attend all classes and rehearsals.  Students are expected to be in class, unless we are notified by a parent through the online Absence Report Form.  If a student is injured, they are encouraged to sit and observe a class.  Contagious students should stay home and rest.  The Education Coordinator and the Instructors reserve the right to change the placement of a student or restrict a student's ability to perform due to excessive absences.

Enrollment Limits & Waiting Lists

Enrollment for dance classes is limited to ensure that students receive the best possible experience while maintaining appropriate social distancing guidelines. If your class is sold out, the Box Office can assist you in adding your name to a Waiting List. Should a spot become available, Waiting List families will be contacted in the order that they were added to the Waiting List.

2021–22 Dress Code

We recommend the following outlets for your dancewear needs :


Coughlan’s Irish Imports : CoughlansIrishImports.Com | coughlansii@yahoo.com 


Discount Dance : DiscountDance.Com | Use code 64973 to find our School/Studio Page


Ballera Dance :  13865 W. North Avenue, Brookfield | 262-786-8868

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