Jarabe Mexicano




Saturday, May 3



Jarabe Mexicano captures the nostalgic spirit of their border roots with their brand of “Bordeño-Soul,” which honors the musical tastes and cultural influences of its members. Jarabe, which translates to ‘concoction,’ highlights the eclectic mix of genres they perform ranging from Mexican Folk, Rock & Roll, and Norteño/Tex-Mex to Latin Rock, Trio Romántico, and popular Cumbia. Their traditional Mariachi string instruments and Norteño-inspired drums complement dramatic vocals in English, Spanish, and Spanglish, and shows how this multi-generational ensemble embraces change while still honoring the past.

Join us after the show for our “palomazo” celebration featuring live music by the band upstairs in Pikes Peak. The bar will be open, and snacks will be available.


Show Sponsor: Hartford Rotary Club

Premier Adult $40
Premier Child $30
Adult $30
Child $20

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